Step2 โต๊ะเล่นน้ำสายฝนบลูทาวเวอร์


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Step2 โต๊ะเล่นน้ำสายฝนบลูทาวเวอร์

All-around water fun starts with this charming Rain Showers Splash Tub kids water table! Get the water fun flowing with the double-sided rain shower tray, where the water splashes down into the tipping bucket on one side and the chute and spinner on the other. Made in the USA of US and imported parts.

  • Double-sided tray creates a realistic rainfall effect – just pour water in to get the fun flowing!
  • Water from the tray flows into the tipping water bucket station and the chute and spinner station.
  • Multiple play stations are fun activities to show how water flows, spills, and fills space during playtime!
  • 360-degree play space ensures multiple toddlers can play together to practice sharing.
  • Charming design features neutral coloring and corrugated metal style basin, with faux wood accents.
  • Easy to clean: use disinfectant wipes or household cleaners whenever you want!
  • In the box: Water table with double-sided rain showers tray and accessory.
  • Adult assembly required.
  • ขนาด 67x86x90 ซม.
  • Age Range 2+



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